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S O H I J A M A | Fertility
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Fertility Testimonials

-Source: A.L.Mescher [14th ed.] MacGraw hill education.

We come across a lot of females who suffer from unexplained fertility issues, absence menstral cycles/ovulation,pelvis inflammation, the most common suffering from pcos,endometriosis,fibroids,ovarian cysts and so forth.

Cupping consistently & maintaining a strict post care plan can help you start to get your reproductive systems functioning how they should be.

Some of the benefits are:

• inducing ovulation • helps imbalances in the thyroid glands • removes blockage/inflammtion near the fallopian tubes • helps remove defects in the luteal phase • helps balance out the hormones that cause excessive bodily hair • Eases the pain of endometriosis • restores frequent cycles • Helps with menstral cramping & flow.

Look below at our testimonials these are from people who had similar issues. All of their stories are unique.


Pregnancy results!

  • Zahra

    4th February 2022 at 5:53 pm Reply

    Alhamdulillah I’ve been having hijama for some time now with SOH. I have really bad irregular periods. I’ve noticed since having hijama done quite regular. My periods have regulated and have been as heavy/clotty as they usually were. Also with having a general detox over the rest of my body, I’ve noticed a change in the back pains I used to experience generally and especially when on my menses! Jzk sister xxx

  • F

    28th February 2022 at 9:57 am Reply

    I visited SOH because I was having irregular period lengths which was delaying my ovulation date. It was my first hijama session but the whole experience was amazing.
    I received a warm welcome which made me feel comfortable. It was painless and relaxing. After only one session my period length because normal again and two months later I became pregnant Alhamdulillah. Thank you for your excellent and professional work. Highly recommend.

  • Umm Khadeejah

    6th May 2022 at 10:40 pm Reply

    i had a c section & appendectomy and my right tube was blocked. i was trying for my 2nd baby for 7 and a half years and was looking into sunnah medicine to help me get pregnant again. i got in touch with SOH and was confident will all my questions being answered to my liking, so i booked a session. the sister was amazing, her massage relaxed me so much and the hijaama process was pain free. she did all the fertility points. i enjoyed the session so much i booked in another the following month. i truly believed this would help me. i ovulated early on my next cycle but even before my next session i had pregnancy symptoms but couldnt confirm it as it was so early in my cycle so i went ahead with my 2nd session. 3 weeks later i got my first positive in 7 and a half years alhamdulillaah. i was beyond happy and shocked and i still am. by the Will of Allaah i was able to concieve through this amazing medicine. this sister is amazing at her job, not only does she know alot about her work, she has deen also and it puts my heart at rest to have her help me. allaahumma baarik. may Allaah grant you all success in what you seek through hijaama and may Allaah grant SOH good in this world and the next

  • Hadisah R

    6th May 2022 at 11:13 pm Reply

    I wanted to share my journey which led me to having successfully falling pregnant by the help of SOH

    I came to her seeking help as i had multiple failed ivfs and absent ovulations.

    In the attempt to try prepare my body for a new try for ivf i started my sessions with her consistently from May – August.

    After my egg retrival the doctors managed to retrieve 1 embryo, usually it would never happen alhamdulillah i was really excited.

    After my egg retrival SOH reccomended me to do another session to strengthen the womb and help the egg firmly attach once they place it back in.

    Fast forward to September 9th i shared my first successful pregnancy test with SOH.

    Im due to give birth any day now and cannot thank her enough. The knowledge, care and attentiveness she had for me. We had strict sessions and she always made time for my appointments. I had so many failed IVFS i was close to giving up!

    If you have similar fertility problems i highly reccomend keeping close to SOH and her team!!

    Thankyou ever so much

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