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Benefits of cupping

Relief of pain

Cupping heightens relief of pain, provides a reduction in high blood pressure and increases mobility of stiff tendons and muscles. The purpose of applying pressure via suction to the skin is so that there is a passage built for unblocking the stagnant blood, the skins tissue is manipulated into thinking theres an injury – hence the rapid change in the colour of the skin.

Increased digestive secretions
Increase in blood flow

If cupping is applied to the individual’s joints, the blood flow to the joint is increased and therefore allows an increased secretion of synovial fluid becomes present into the joint cavity. Some of the key benefits of an increased secretion of synovial fluid is that it helps to maintain distance between the bones, protecting the cartilage from wear and tear, it lubricates the joint alongside acting as a filter allowing nutrients to reach the cartilage. *Those that suffer from Rheumatoid arthritis find immediate benefits from skeletal focused cupping.

Detoxifying effect on skin

Cupping has a dramatic detoxifying effect on the skin and circulatory system. By increasing the flow of blood and plasma through the veins and arteries. – after three to five treatments, there will be a noticeable improvement in the colour of marks.

Cupping affects the digestive organs by increasing the digestive secretions and enhancing their peristaltic movements. it helps ingested food through the digestive tract towards its release. *Frequently those that have cupping foccused on the stomach, liver and kidney reflex points find post hijama heading to the toilet often. .

Regularity of the Bowel

Cupping can awaken the appetite, strengthen the stomach, and digestion, improve the bile flow and metabolism, relieve constipation and promote regularity of the bowel. 


On a general systematic level, cupping improves the circulation of the blood and lymph. It also regulates and improves the functioning of the autonomic nervous system. Increases the cleansing flow of lymph which is a clear liquid substance that exits the body

[Targets almost any muscular,skeletal,skin & nervous system problem].