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S O H I J A M A | About Us
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About Us

At SOHijama our “travel to you service” applies with all appointments.

This allows you to be in full control of your session in the perfect enviorment – [the comfort of your own home].

We cover a variety of styles such as Dry / Wet / Fire and can also do cosmetic cupping. I.e. facial cupping which has silicone and acylic cups incorporated. All our prices range from £55-£150 depending upon the request or area you reside.

Our standard package:

– Travel to you service
– Unlimited cups (not compromising on your health)
– Deep tissue therapy massage

– Consultation & After care treatment

Facial cupping package:
“The best inexpensive dermatology treatment, no pain & amazing results!” Acne,spots,blemishes,skin pigmentation, inflammation, wrinkles,scarring, tissue damage,lympahtic blockage? get in touch with us!
– Facial massage & cupping
– Aftercare treatment plan
[Home visit: – £50]

Our equipment is all one time use and is destroyed following correct proceedures after the clients session is complete. From our cups to our blades which are used for specific technique, even going to the extent of using the best blackseed oil for our massages

Should you have any requests we are totally flexible in accomidating to you, we accomidate for relaxing group sessions, gatherings,events.

please email us at info@sohijama.com to arrange a suitable booking date or any queries.

our experienced therapists have more than 6 years between them.

Insured and Associated with

Licensed and approved off by the complementary medical association [cma]

Insured and protected by westminister insurance which covers all of our holistic procedures.